Month Long Movie Challenge – Reviews

In 2017, I watched a new movie every day of the entire month. And again in 2018. This year, I decided to try it in my birthday month of September.


Rules are simple, do what I can to keep on track.

  • 10 movies by a female director or writer
  • 5 Canadian Films
  • 7 movies in a foreign language
  • 5 Streaming company originals
  • 2 Documentaries of any kind
  • Aim for 50/50 Drama and Comedy but does not have to be strict
  • Multiple movies in a day (that are new to you) can be added to list
  • A minimum of 15 shorts can slot in for 1 movie, music videos don’t count
  • No rewatching movies!


The following one line reviews will be as spoiler free as possible. I can’t say for certainty that they will be 100% spoiler free and I will not take responsibility for it. Please excuse any spelling or grammatical errors as it all starts to feel jumbled.

Here we go…

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Month Long Movie Challenge

In 2017, I watched a new movie every day of the entire month. I did it again in 2018. This year I want to try it again, I was going to do this in the summer but with nearly no full sunshine in a month due to weird climate (change) problems. I decided to try it in my birthday month of September and stretch it to my age which is 34.

I’m usually indoors when the seasons change from Summer to Fall, mainly because I am tired as heck and my sleeping becomes irregular. Some days I got energy, others not so much but what I do have all those days is time in front of a tv. Time enough to watch some movies from my lists.


I have watch rules because if you don’t, it can be difficult to watch other movies from not where your from. It seems kind of dumb at first but there are tons of pop culture consumers who almost never step out of their comfort zone. Subbed foreign films? How about not just from East Asia, what about Latin American movies? Independent movies that were made in your province/state or city? And since I’m from Canada, what about my Canadian content, I rarely watch movies from my own country. You gotta push and push hard to watch shit that isn’t just from Hollywood, it can be tough but the more resources you make abundant to yourself, you realize its not that hard. Continue reading “Month Long Movie Challenge”

moon sews: I should blog about it more…

I figured it might be useful to just update projects as I go along. Capsuling projects into completed blog posts would be a bit difficult since I rarely stop when I am sewing. Best to just update on what I’m working on instead.

My biggest problem is I have almost all the material to try things but I get tired or unmotivated and often leave it for long periods of time but once I start, it’s hard to get me to do anything else which can be tough since I need to do other things!

I recent started going hard and maybe I might self motivate by creating an Etsy or Big Cartel store or something. Haven’t really decided yet. Just throw up all the extra bits I’ve made for a cheap price. It’s just an idea but I might if it helps with staying motivated.

Let’s see what I’ve been sewing.

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Goals for 2019

The year closes and I have let myself down but also lifted myself up? I mean some good things happened but then some bad things happened. I feel like I did okay but then again I still pushed off age old goals I’ve had for years.

It was a tough year, a really tough year. For everyone, even if you were optimistic it was really tough.

Truths, non truths, long in time. It felt like I was only allowed to walk through the year while the days flew by.

I Tried to Simplify my 2018 Goals

Remember when I tried to keep it simple, lol.

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Soderbergh List 2018

Steven Soderbergh cataloged all his pop culture experiences as “Seen, Read 2015” on his blog for the entire year. It was simple and quaint review, an exercise in memory and taste exploration. I figured since it wasn’t too far into the year to give it a try. I want to know the things I experienced for a whole year.

A link to my 2015 list, my 2016 list, and my 2017 list.

I had to adjust the legend to suit my needs.

All caps, bold: MOVIE
All italics: Book or Comic*
Quotation marks: “Live Performance, Event, Convention”

*For books and comics, the day it appears is the day I finished said book or comic.

As a rule, if I watch more than half or 2/3 of a movie or tv show to the end I count it as watched. I only count books/comics/manga if I read it to the end on that day. I mark cons on the day of. Any day not counted in the list is a day I didn’t do any activity related to the above mentioned.

Proceeds the year that was 2018:

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10 Movies That Have Had an Impact on You

There’s a movie meme going around Facebook that I thought I would just compile into a single post for the blog. Has any of your friends nominated you?

“Day 1 of the 10 day movie challenge. Post a photo from a film that had an impact on you (no explanation). Today I nominate…”

There’s lot of movies that have impacted me in some way and honestly, its kind of an internal marker for if I actually enjoyed the movie or not. It doesn’t have to be for some but I like the idea of thinking about or decompressing for a movie. I feel more satisfied, even in the end of all the decompressing I realize I didn’t like the film but I enjoyed the experience. It can happen.

Anyway, here are my picks.

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