Goals 2017

Welp, I sure fumbled the ball when trying to accomplish even half of my goals for 2016. Honestly, as the year unfolded it turned out to be a giant dumpster fire that could never be put out. Hopefully, next year might bring some better motivations as I have been quietly trying to work on a few things.


15802231_143667786123390_8700721770161766400_nIt’s not a whole lot but I did manage to take a post post-secondary adult learning course, technically. I took and finished the FAVA Screenwriting course which was fun and very invigorating. I still haven’t finished editing my pilot script (I also admit I stopped being married to the idea class 2) but it still exists and I finished it. I have the changes and I will get around to editing it at the very least.

Went on a vacation where I didn’t spend a whole lot of money which is tough since I went to San Diego Comic-Con for the second leg of the trip. I was expecting to buy more in Santa Monica but I didn’t. Goals.

Started another writing endeavour thanks to Writing Academy, being pushed to finish a feature length script. It will look like shit but by gone it, it will be my shit.

Trying to do that whole “Wanna help me with this thing I’m doing?”. Personally, I am not very good at that. Sometimes when I do find someone to ask, they tend to let me down but then again I never follow up when too much time has passed. I have to let failures and broken conversation happen and let it roll off my back. So, I tried again and managed to rope a few friends that write to help me adjust and course correct my feature script. It was a nice change of pace when they actually sent me back reaction and critique. It’s important, hold on to it if you can.

Still looking for a place to go to, changing my mind about a few things. Have to research some more but I still want that life experience of living elsewhere.

I finished thumb nailing and started a comic. It’s top secret because that’s just how I like to work and it’s horrible. *throws up the world’s shakiest thumbs up*

I was reading a lot more at the beginning of the year. A lot of intense trash burning happened in this last half of the year and I have slowed down again. I’m hoping to pick it back up during Winter break.

Pulled down my Facebook usage to just groups and a few random remarks. Stopped posting Happy Birthday messages for everyone and going to pull down all my pics and posts again soon. Purge and purge again.

Still DnDing with the same group. Year 3 going strong.

Kept up with the Gym thing, thank goodness.


Another year has passed and I didn’t take my road test. It’s nerve racking and I hate that I didn’t do it. I also didn’t practice more and now I feel a bit out of touch with what I do know about driving.

Finish more than 5 pages of that secret comic because it’s sooooooo great. Actually, due to being the only designer at my company my creative energy is lacking. Stress kills so many dreams.

Although I pulled down my Facebook usage, I still had to download that horrible Messenger app. I fucking hate it.

I didn’t update my website, eep. I also didn’t post 2 entries into this blog every month and well…  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Take my road test at least once this year.

Stop putting my energy in lost causes because I actually don’t have time for that.

Finish that secret comic. Maybe even crowd fund it.

Finish the Writing Academy feature script project with edits.

Read more. Try and read more of those comics that are 3-4 years old.

Watch 5 movies a month, at least 2 of them have to be new.

Edit and polish that short film script.

Take another adult learning course.

Try reading a novel per 2 months.

Try story boarding a short script.

Create more for my design portfolio.

Travel more and to places you wouldn’t have thought to go.

Update main website, even if its a little bit.

Save money.

And of course, try to post once a month on the old blog.


Makes sense. Here’s hoping 2017’s Year of the Rooster is at least better than 2016’s Year of everything is not okay.