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Month to Month: Mar to Apr

I posted about my Goals for 2017 last month and I thought I would outline a more simpler post per month.

I’m calling it the Month to Month post. Here, I will outline what I am doing for each month as a goal.


Last month, I watched a new TV pilot every day for 31 days and was it a slog at the end. The goal was hefty but I thought 30 to 60 minutes of new TV a day couldn’t be that bad. I watch tons of TV as it is, how hard could watching a few first episodes be…

It’s actually kind of tough. You’re brain starts to melt.

At first, it was really fun. I was watching shows I meant to watch so long ago and it was all new and energetic but soon it started to spoil my appetite for the TV shows. Luckily, a few of them are on break due to March Madness but I wondered if I would start having to play catch up with any of them simply because I couldn’t handle more new content.

That leads into the next thing, what do you do with all this new content? I mean some shows I was always going to binge eventually but a few others were intriguing enough for me to watch the second episode but when I didn’t and blew past a few more pilots, I could barely remember what had just happened in that particular show. For instance, in the same week I watched The Fall and Broadchurch. Both are very interesting, involve murders, and both are well acted, the problem was I gave Broadchurch a second episode soon after and was irked by the episode. With that experience, I just decided not to indulge in second episodes and therefore didn’t watch the second episode of The Fall. A few more days past and I could barely remember what happened in The Fall. Does that mean its not as good as I thought it was when I initially watched the show? Some after thought for it was appearing to be true. As I could distinctly remember other pilots over The Fall, it made me really think about what I wanted and what I think is memorable in first episodes.

On the other hand, watching just pilots did start weeding out shows I should maybe keep on the back burner or just drop completely. For example, many of my friends love MBMBAM but even after two episodes I wasn’t a fan. A friend recommended me Phone Shop and I didn’t like it. It looks like the kind of comedy style I would like but it wasn’t what I expected. There were a few dramas that didn’t really pan out for me, I can successfully just kick them off my list. The interest waned and dropped off within a day and in the case of Dicte, a few hours.

The good and bad things about this was it was like 31 first dates with TV shows, you start to figure out by date 9 or 10 what you really want from a first episode and by the time its date 20 you can figure out what is memorable and what isn’t. At least to your own tastes and likes. It’s an interesting experiment to try and if you have some time, perhaps a good challenge to try in the slow TV months of summer or as I did, in March.

Do I recommend this challenge? Maybe. Depends on how much you love TV in its variety. If you aren’t a big TV watcher, it might turn you off from TV for good. I put up rules to keep myself from taking easy ways out of narrative TV. I could’ve filled the list with variety and reality shows but I didn’t want to waste the time on those shows. I guess what it comes down to is how much do you love TV and or are you going to watch those shows your friends and reviewers recommend you.


  1. Chewing Gum: Yes
  2. House of Lies: Maybe
  3. Into the Badlands: YES
  4. The Fall: Maybe, idk sure
  5. Real Detective: Nah, Forensic Files is so much funnier
  6. Broadchurch: No
  7. 3%: Yes
  8. Lady Dynamite: HELL YES
  9. Iron Fist: NO, watch Into the Badlands instead
  10. Samurai Gourmet: Maybe, you gotta like food
  11. My Brother, My Brother & Me: No unless its your thing
  12. Phone Shop: No
  13. American Crime: Maybe
  14. Moyasimon: Tales in Agriculture: Yes
  15. Abstract: The Art of Design: Hell fucking yes
  16. Dicte: No
  17. Don’t Trust the B**** in Apt 23: Maybe
  18. Chef’s Table: YES
  19. Galavant: Yes
  20. Crashing: Fuck yes
  21. Insecure: Hell yes
  22. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency: Yes
  23. Easy: Maybe
  24. Treme: YES
  25. Serie Noire: Yes
  26. Family Tree: Maybe
  27. Party Down: Yes
  28. Big Little Lies: Holy shit yes
  29. Marco Polo: Yeah
  30. Trollhunters: Meh
  31. Misfits: Hell yeah


This month I will be running (nearly) 30 days. Give or take, I think I have it planned out for 4 weeks. I will be resting one day a week but its roving since there are things coming up all month. I have loads of prep work to do for the next challenge and it may or may not start on time as in I’ll be starting April 10th and going well into May. It’ll be really hard. I don’t know, I might die.

JANUARY: 31 days off of Facebook

FEBRUARY: 28 days of selfies on Instagram

MARCH: 31 days of TV pilots

APRIL: 30 days of Running

MAY: 31 days of Reading

JUNE: ???

JULY: ???


OCTOBER: Inktober

I picked out what I will be doing for May since it’s the month of Free Comic Book Day, I figured I have to read a Comic a day or something like that. I have a few novels I’d like to read too. Maybe a chapter a day or a minimum of pages… I’ll figure out the scheme.

Still thinking about what to do for the summer months. I have to be easy in July, it’s Game of Thrones time and nothing will get between me and my Thrones time.



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