Month to Month: May to June AKA I got DERAILED

I posted about my Goals for 2017 last month and I thought I would outline a more simpler post per month.

I’m calling it the Month to Month post. Here, I will outline what I am doing for each month as a goal.


Oh, hey. What’s up with me? You mean, what happen this last month. This month that I was supposed to be reading everyday? Ha, well a funny thing happened on the way home. Very early this month, I got a very bad flu. I’m talking it festered and grew within a few hours and despite feeling like a sack of shit, I went to work to try and power through. It didn’t go well and I went home to try and sleep it off. At first some of the symptoms went away, the sore throat was persisting and soon I realized what was happening. The flu had turned into an inner ear infection, I’ve had one before so I knew exactly what it feels like when you brain starts up the vertigo.

I suffered vertigo for a month. It was very difficult to concentrate on an object or at all.

I am finally clearing up, attempting a trip to the gym for the first time in a month. Hopefully, I will take up a reading challenge in a different month but for now its time to move to the next challenge.


Well, we are approaching June and July. I might try something long term for July since my favourite show is coming back and well, it will take over my life. I might just take the month off. We’ll see.

As for June though, I had a goal this year to watch at least 5 movies a month with 2 of them being brand new. I don’t know if I’ve been keeping up entirely but at least for one month I’ll have gone above and beyond the requirements. A movie a day with restrictions.

I might reprise this again later in the year since I wouldn’t mind doing it again in December or any other Winter month.

JANUARY: 31 days off of Facebook

FEBRUARY: 28 days of selfies on Instagram

MARCH: 31 days of TV pilots

APRIL: 30 days of Running no

MAY: 31 days of Reading nope

JUNE: 30 Days of Film

JULY: ???


OCTOBER: Inktober

I don’t think I can possibly fuck up this challenge but y’know what… I COULD TRY AND FUCK IT UP.


Ha ha… no, don’t Sylvia.