Month to Month: July & August

I posted about my Goals for 2017 last month and I thought I would outline a more simpler post per month.

I’m calling it the Month to Month post. Here, I will outline what I am doing for each month as a goal.


I blinked and June was over. I didn’t quite make 30 movies but I did do 23. I think that’s pretty good especially since Summer months are always jam packed for myself. If anyone else is thinking of doing the Movie-A-Day challenge for a month, try and month you don’t really plan too much such as January or February, maybe even November.

It was a good time, it really gets you into the mood for watching movies that’s for sure. Unlike the TV Pilots challenge, it’s far more bite sized than overwhelming due to the nature of not having to expect more than just what is contained in the movie. With TV shows its should I invest another 10 hours into this show. That’s a hard questions after you fill the gap with more Pilots. A movie a day is digestible and makes for creating a better eye for what you really like in films. Perhaps I should compile a Movie Trope Watch List, y’know movies that are heavily referred back to as pop culture references or homage scenes. It would be interesting to just try and uncover an ultimate 30 list. That is for another day.


That’s pretty easy, I have to take my road exam once in the next few months. I am giving myself July and August because I have a jam packed every week with plans and errands. One of them will be a road exam but it will likely happen in August. I have also planned Game of Thrones viewing parties.

Let’s look at the list…

JANUARY: 31 days off of Facebook
FEBRUARY: 28 days of selfies on Instagram
MARCH: 31 days of TV pilots
APRIL: 30 days of Running no
MAY: 31 days of Reading nope
JUNE: 30 Days of Film
JULY & AUGUST: Road Test
OCTOBER: Inktober

Not sure what to do in September, I might do the write a paragraph a day challenge. I’ve done it before, it’s brought some great ideas together. November is up in the air, not entirely sure what to do. I wanted to do a video diary or produce a video thing but not sure if I will have energy to do that. December might be another watch/read challenge since I fumbled the ball earlier this year.

I think I’m doing pretty good here.