Month to Month: Summer to September

I posted about my Goals for 2017 last month and I thought I would outline a more simpler post per month.

I’m calling it the Month to Month post. Here, I will outline what I am doing for each month as a goal.


Well, I failed again. I did not take my road test once. I admit I had obstacles but I really should have tried it once. Its fine, I have time to keep trying before the end of the year.

I was starting a new job, my out of town family had an impromptu vacation in my town, recent personal problems complicated what I did with the time in August and I let it all go. It wasn’t wasted but some of it felt like it was.

It’s okay, the likeliness of passing that road exam is very low. I’m not in a place where I can deal with even more failure. I need a win.


This September I’ve decided to try my best and work out everyday. Not just running, instead I will be weight training nearly everyday. I have changed up the idea since trying the running for 30 days thing I tried. It really didn’t go very well. I think this might be more achievable. I’m starting a bit late but better now and go into October than nothing at all.

The idea will be to weight train everyday with no need to do cardio. I’m concentrating on my back, shoulders, and butt. Instead of recording the time, distance, etc I did for running, I took measurements and will weight myself before and after the 30 days.

As it turns out, I really need to work on my right side. Who knew I was all half an inch smaller… eep.

Let’s look at the list…

JANUARY: 31 days off of Facebook
FEBRUARY: 28 days of selfies on Instagram
MARCH: 31 days of TV pilots
APRIL: 30 days of Running no
MAY: 31 days of Reading nope
JUNE: 30 Days of Film
JULY & AUGUST: Road Test frick
SEPTEMBER: Weight Training
OCTOBER: Inktober

For November, I might try a reverse social media experiment and post once everyday on Facebook to change my online metrics on the website. I just want to see what happens. Currently, I still don’t really post on Facebook but it’s an idea. I might not and concentrate on something else. It’s such a waste of time.

Hopefully I don’t get injured this month…