Month Long Movie Challenge: The Sequel

Last year in June, I watched a new movie every day of the entire month. This year I’d like to reprise that same challenge for the month of July.

Here is last years post about the challenge and the reviews.

It was pretty good last year, I only managed to miss a few days worth of movies. I am going to amend the rules as I want to throw the net wider but maybe in a different direction and by that I want to try and shoe horn some titles I’ve been meaning to watch but hadn’t gotten around to do it.

One of those rule changes is South American cinema, I don’t watch enough of it and I’d like to try. I am also including shorts since I can bang some of those out during a lunch hour since many are available online. I also noticed that you need movies that aren’t fiction, you start to really miss it so I am slotting in docs in case I need a palette cleanser.

Seems simple enough, I am swapping out a few rules for these new rules. Here are the new amended rules.


  • 50/50 Comedies and Dramas; slot sub-genres as best as possible to comedy/drama guidelines
  • Can slot in 2 documentaries
  • At least 2 South American films
  • At least 5 any foreign language films
  • At least 7 films by a female director or by a female writer
  • A minimum of 15 shorts can slot in for 1 movie, music videos don’t count
  • No rewatching movies!

The rules I took out were for watching more Canadian movies and to watch a minimum in theatres. I pay for subscriptions, I should really use them! I also upped the number of female directed movies but I’ll also go for female written movies too.


Making a challenge like this is easy enough and funner still if you can wrangle some friends into some of the viewings. I say, give it a try if you have felt you’re not watching enough movies.

I mean, even if you drop out two weeks into the challenge that’s still like 14 movies.