Graphic Designer / Artist / Comic Letterer / Bad Writer / Blunt Editor / Occasional Photographer /  Bad Blogger

What else is there to say.

Early 2000’s – Created comics for the Edmonton Journal
2004 – 2007 – Grant MacEwan Design Program
2015 – 2016 – Comic Letterer for “The Saga of the Jack of Spades”
2007 – present – Working as a Graphic Designer

– Graphic Design (Identity, Marketing, Print)
– Consulting Design and Marketing
– Storyboarding
– Lettering, Title Branding
– Copy Editing for Scripts and Pitches
– Writing and Editing for Film or Comics
– Blogging, Reviewing, Op Eds
– BTS Set Photography

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I will try and get back to you in a timely manner. If you’re impatient, please try contacting myself through twitter at @smoonie.

Updated Aug 22/18