Inktober 2018

It was that time of the year and I didn’t make much of it. I tried, I even said it was fine to not draw everyday. I would’ve liked to make it to 20, but I did 16.

Not what I wanted, not the worst.

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10 Movies That Have Had an Impact on You

There’s a movie meme going around Facebook that I thought I would just compile into a single post for the blog. Has any of your friends nominated you?

“Day 1 of the 10 day movie challenge. Post a photo from a film that had an impact on you (no explanation). Today I nominate…”

There’s lot of movies that have impacted me in some way and honestly, its kind of an internal marker for if I actually enjoyed the movie or not. It doesn’t have to be for some but I like the idea of thinking about or decompressing for a movie. I feel more satisfied, even in the end of all the decompressing I realize I didn’t like the film but I enjoyed the experience. It can happen.

Anyway, here are my picks.

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Month Long Film Challenge: The Reviews

Last year in June, I watched a new movie every day of the entire month. This year I’d like to reprise that same challenge for the month of July. It was pretty good last year, I only managed to miss a few days worth of movies.

Seems simple enough, amended some rules to change up the movie list.

For reference, here was last year’s list.

**One Amendment**
I realized the phrase “South American” didn’t include Mexican features so a better way of putting that is “Latin American” features. I changed my rules list to better describe the movies I meant I wanted to watch.


  • 50/50 Comedies and Dramas; slot sub-genres as best as possible to comedy/drama guidelines
  • Can slot in 2 documentaries
  • At least 2 Latin American films
  • At least 5 any foreign language films
  • At least 7 films by a female director or by a female writer
  • A minimum of 15 shorts can slot in for 1 movie, music videos don’t count
  • No rewatching movies!

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Inktober 2017 Part 2

Since 2011, I have been partaking in Inktober. If you are not familiar with the month long drawing challenged, it is when you draw everyday for the month of October with ink. Originally, there were rules but since the first Inktober they have all been broken. Now, most people add challenges daily such as topics to draw or the alternative Drawlloween in which each day is a Halloween themed topic.

The original rules were draw straight to ink, sketch for 20 mins. Post no matter what you drew. Nowadays, I tend to just do an ink drawing with or without a pencil sketch underneath. It really helps jog the drawing muscle and keeps you active until the end of the year. Even if you’re not an artist, it’s a good idea to get into a daily challenge to just get the creative juices flowing.

Some times I am on top of the drawings, some days I am not. I do my best and figure it out from there.

I fucked up, I got tired and too busy to finish so I didn’t make it to 31. Here is 16-25 of my Inktober. Click through and enjoy.