Goals for 2019

The year closes and I have let myself down but also lifted myself up? I mean some good things happened but then some bad things happened. I feel like I did okay but then again I still pushed off age old goals I’ve had for years.

It was a tough year, a really tough year. For everyone, even if you were optimistic it was really tough.

Truths, non truths, long in time. It felt like I was only allowed to walk through the year while the days flew by.

I Tried to Simplify my 2018 Goals

Remember when I tried to keep it simple, lol.

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moon thoughts

Haven’t been blogging much, been trying to organize my brain and life to try and make a good go of things. It’s been tough, I’m trying to grasp what little attention span I have after each day but its tough and I can’t trust myself to take care of the work without going to work. Meaning, I still don’t like the idea of being without formal work.

That doesn’t mean I haven’t been stretching into other side work. Still freelancing, just picked up another job in a field of work I am interested in. Trying to keep the sewing consistent, just bought $50 worth of fabric for no reason. *upside down smiley face emoji* I’m also planning on vlogging my work if only to keep me responsible or responsive to finishing work. Considering more schooling in something to push me out into different avenues of work.

The make up though, haven’t been this shook about something in so long.

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A New Start, Re-Inviting My Blog

I need a fresh start into something… Anything!

I have not been consistent in my drawing or my designing. I’m actually feeling fairly burnt out in regards to those things. It’s tough to want to be on the computer and create anything new when it feels like a burden, a heavy weight that I have to drag everywhere. It’s my job and yet it only really feels like a job.

I don’t want to feel that way about a genre of art that I do enjoy otherwise.

With that in mind, I need to figure out what is giving me joy the more work I put into it and that thing is sewing. I love sewing and fashion and I always have but I haven’t really been able to pin myself down to do it until recently. Last year, I made the most amount of sewing be it a new item or adjusting an item in my closet.

I’m also still infatuated with travelling and streamlining that planning aspect of it all. I recently had a trip to Europe visiting the most cities I have ever done in one go. Four in total; Paris, London, Manchester, and Reykjavik. I have been to two of those cities previous but its always nice to retread old grounds to see if anything has changed, if they seem different.

I have also thought of trying to review things formally, its a tough challenge but its something I can try. I don’t mind giving short reviews but anything longer I tend to waver and give more trite, comedic takes and then it just falls apart. For now, I will be doing a few monthly challenge repeats from last year specifically “Movie A Day” and “Pilot A Day”.

Ho boy.

The Plan

I am going to start off small, create some update posts, some sewing posts or something. I also want to post about travelling and thoughts on travelling. The monthly challenges will probably be later in the season or possibly closer to the end of the year.

In all honesty, I have to really look at what I do and that holds interest for me and realize that my traditional artwork will be taking a backseat to these other things that actually give me life.

It’ll be slow going, I have to build up some momentum and a good vibe from it.

For now it will be a journal with some in-depth takes on whatever suits me best. Whatever I feel like thinking about more.

Hope you stick around for that.