Soderbergh List 2017

Steven Soderbergh catalogued all his pop culture experiences as “Seen, Read 2015” on his blog for the entire year. It was simple and quaint review, an exercise in memory and taste exploration. I figured since it wasn’t too far into the year to give it a try. I want to know the things I experienced for a whole year.

A link to my 2015 list and my 2016 list.

I had to adjust the legend to suit my needs.

All caps, bold: MOVIE
All italics: Book or Comic*
Quotation marks: “Live Performance, Event, Convention”

*For books and comics, the day it appears is the day I finished said book or comic.

As a rule, if I watch more than half or 2/3 of a movie or tv show to the end I count it as watched. I only count books/comics/manga if I read it to the end on that day. I mark cons on the day of. Any day not counted in the list is a day I didn’t do any activity related to the above mentioned.

Proceeds the year that was 2017:

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Everything is Busy

My post count has drastically gone down, I have not been able to sit around and write a good post in some time. The last few were written months ago but I decided to release them if just to have something on the calendar. It’s not a good way to practice writing but not like I had a better plan before.

My April and this upcoming May has suddenly become a difficult race to the finish line of the “oh shit there is no finish” race. I was responsible for moving myself, my sister out of the old place and now I have a handful of baby showers, FCBD, LGN, and a wedding to top it all off. Did I mention my sister from out of town is visiting? Or that I have yet to sit down and plan my vacation properly?

Don’t even get me started on my I-still-need-to-thin-out-my-collection cleaning.

The only up side is I managed to purchase a few tickets to off-site SDCC events even if one of them took a few days to buy. It has finally gone through.

I will create a few goals in the coming months in regards to my writing and at the very least, practice writing.

The best part of all this is the not needing to pack and go to cons. I’m not boothing and even though I thought I would have more time, it seems there are more things waiting to take up that time again. At least with these things, I am more than happy to participate than sit at a booth alone, mentally and emotionally punching myself in the face.

I’m glad I got tired of punching myself in the face. It’s not good for your self esteem.