A New Start, Re-Inviting My Blog

I need a fresh start into something… Anything!

I have not been consistent in my drawing or my designing. I’m actually feeling fairly burnt out in regards to those things. It’s tough to want to be on the computer and create anything new when it feels like a burden, a heavy weight that I have to drag everywhere. It’s my job and yet it only really feels like a job.

I don’t want to feel that way about a genre of art that I do enjoy otherwise.

With that in mind, I need to figure out what is giving me joy the more work I put into it and that thing is sewing. I love sewing and fashion and I always have but I haven’t really been able to pin myself down to do it until recently. Last year, I made the most amount of sewing be it a new item or adjusting an item in my closet.

I’m also still infatuated with travelling and streamlining that planning aspect of it all. I recently had a trip to Europe visiting the most cities I have ever done in one go. Four in total; Paris, London, Manchester, and Reykjavik. I have been to two of those cities previous but its always nice to retread old grounds to see if anything has changed, if they seem different.

I have also thought of trying to review things formally, its a tough challenge but its something I can try. I don’t mind giving short reviews but anything longer I tend to waver and give more trite, comedic takes and then it just falls apart. For now, I will be doing a few monthly challenge repeats from last year specifically “Movie A Day” and “Pilot A Day”.

Ho boy.

The Plan

I am going to start off small, create some update posts, some sewing posts or something. I also want to post about travelling and thoughts on travelling. The monthly challenges will probably be later in the season or possibly closer to the end of the year.

In all honesty, I have to really look at what I do and that holds interest for me and realize that my traditional artwork will be taking a backseat to these other things that actually give me life.

It’ll be slow going, I have to build up some momentum and a good vibe from it.

For now it will be a journal with some in-depth takes on whatever suits me best. Whatever I feel like thinking about more.

Hope you stick around for that.


Alive + Recovering

I swear I’m still alive and this blog is alive and I am just being very negligent of this blog. I have been a bit busy and just trying to recover myself is tough. I’ll start where I left off which was a post about being busy.

Well, I was.

I was finishing up my Screenwriting class I was taking at the local Film Society, people were getting married, lettering a comic, I was gearing up for my vacation to California, I moved; just a bunch of life shit.

Here are a few things and then I will try and post more often than none.

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The Moon Travels: Las Vegas

Vegas man, what can I say. It was an interesting adventure into “America’s Playground” and certainly one I would do again with different intentions. Most of my vacation was spent trying to balance partying with culture. It’s not an easy task, I was often stalled or unable to reach some potentials but I had a few goals in mind.

  1. Gamble, just a bit. I’ve never done it so I wanted to give it a college try.
  2. Freemont Street Slotzilla ride.
  3. Visit the Neon Museum. The tour is amazing or so I heard.
  4. Watch the Bellagio Fountains at night.
  5. Get a pedicure.

These were my only goals for the 3 days, 3 nights stay in Sin city. It was a simple list and I really thought I could get it all done but alas it didn’t happen.

Let me explain.

We arrived in Vegas earlier than expected. Our first stop after checking in was Freemont Street. We caught a taxi and pulled up to the lit up street. The Freemont strip is a covered street with mini-casinos and souvenir shops lining both sides. Plenty of quick bites and bars, of course. We entered the Mermaid to grab a hotdog and more from Nathan’s Famous. While inside, I tried my luck with a slot machine. After dropping $6 bucks, I won $100. My friends said it was all beginner’s luck but I was having fun.

Later on, I decided to try my hand at roulette. I was given some cash from my sister to bet on the roulette table. Unlike movies where you see someone place a bet and simply win off one chip, some casinos like the one that was under our hotel has a betting minimum. At first I figured it was no big deal and went into the bet. Roulette is a real easy way to lose money and it gets the heart racing like mad. I thought I was going to have a heart attack I was so nervous. Just placing the chips down each time was hard. You get all stunted and you start just placing them anywhere. I the end I dropped $40 on the table and won nothing in return. I was completely fine with this.


IMG_0901IMG_0927We walked up Freemont Street and eventually made it to the Slotzilla attraction. Slotzilla is a zip line attraction at one end and the middle of Freemont. There are two different lines; Zip Line in which you ride from the middle of Freemont to the end or the Zoom Line in which you ride from one end of Freemont to the other. I and some other friends opted for the Zoom Line, it looked exciting and very high. It was.

However, this is your first warning. If you wear glasses, you need to have a strap prior to entering the ride otherwise you have to take them off and put them in your bag (that also travels with you across the line). So if you wear glasses, wear a strap or wear your contacts that night.

As long as I could remember, I always thought the idea of seeing the neon sign graveyard would be super fun. It was especially escalated when the Killers put out “All These Things That I’ve Done” music video. I love that music video.


The museum is a curated event, you need to have booked a ticket beforehand to see the exhibit. Once inside, they explain that the tour is an hour long and the guide will take you through the walking path to see all the signs. Most of the sign are so fragile they remind everyone numerous times to be careful  to not touch the signs and not to injure themselves. The graveyard is gorgeous and the tour is very good. It is well versed, lots of great information revealed to visitors, histories, etc.


After the tour, I picked up a short stories novel “Blue Vegas” and a few postcards from the gift shop. It was nice to completely break away from the strip and even Freemont to just see what it all looks like from the outside.

The fountain show at the Bellagio is a must. It seems pretty silly, walk the strip and get a good spot to see a fountain spritz water into the air, choreographed to Pavarotti or Celine Dion but it’s beautiful. It really is, all the movements and the lights. Even the song adds to the show.

I’m a fan of Steven Soderbergh and more so, of Ocean’s Eleven. The movie’s ending really features the fountain in a wonderful way. It was also a great outlet for me to rid myself of a horrible momento from the past. I have been having a hard to getting rid of things my Ex gave me. Selling some, giving away others, the last was a ring. A fake ring but it was pretty, I didn’t want to give it to someone and I certainly couldn’t sell it due to the stones being cubics. So, in a subtly dramatic fashion I told my friend that I was going to throw the ring into the fountain as the show ended. As we watched, it all ended in an explosive display of water and light. As the people dissipated, I looked at the ring one last time and threw it as far into the middle of the fountain as I could. The water is black and I could barely see where it ended up in the fountain but it was done and I was feeling much lighter. Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel and an old black man told me “Jay-Z should’ve waited.” Thanks old man, thanks.

The entire point of the trip was to go for my friend Anny’s birthday. She got us on the list for an exclusive bar at the Palms. Sounds like a ton of fun, we all get gussied up and took a billion pictures. There’s pre-drinking and some dancing and then finally we took a taxi over to the Palms. The inside of the hotel and casino is super nice. We walk over to a man at a podium, our names are on a list, we get into a private elevator and before he returns to his podium he hits the button for “Ghostbar”. This all sounds very “Vegas” and “elite” and “cool” and “whatever”.

Now, perhaps it was because we went on a Monday night or maybe it was the fact it was Thanksgiving week or perhaps it was the fact that we got there around 1030-1100 pm but holy damn the bar is practically empty. For some, this is not very good for some but for people like me, it was great. The bar is 55 floors above the ground and has an open air balcony. This was the best view of Vegas and it over looked the strip, it was really nice to see it unhindered by a crowd of bar goers.


However, even with a few people in the bar including the bar staff there always has to be one asshole shithead running amok. It was statistical math, for every X amount of people, there is 1 asshole cheater looking to score any loose lady. UGH. I feel sorry for whoever he’s married to and which ever lady got duped. I hope no lady got duped, I hope so for the rest of that asshole’s life.

IMG_1110I managed to wrangle my friends to going to a fancy restaurant for dinner and the lucky winner was Gordon Ramsay Steak at the Paris Hotel and Casino. I was able to book and table and be seated early, then again it was Tuesday. It was lucky for me and convenient for the rest of us. Inside, we sat down for a lovely meal. Our waiter was very strange, maybe too formal. It seemed like he wanted to sell the food on this higher level than he should have. It was a tuesday in Vegas, four pretty girls just wanted dinner and he needed to remind us that the size of the plates were small and he introduced us to a meat pantheon, it was very weird.

I split an appetizer with my friend, it was the gnocchi. He reminded us again that it would be small and we were fine with that. The appetizer shows up and it’s basically the size of an entree back home. We laughed, we theorized that maybe we was previously yelled at for bringing too little. Maybe this is a sign that American portions are way bigger than Canadian portions. My main dish was the beef wellington. It was large, gorgeous and it was all kinds of delicious. Who even needs to get a side with it, steak was huge. I destroyed it like a champ.

The one thing I very much wanted in Vegas, I did not get. It was very much a sad face emoji. Not just because pedicures are nice but I was in need of a leg massage and a heel scrub so bad. Is this TMI?

IMG_1126Vegas is a pretty fun place but you really don’t need to go long than a few days. You will run out of money or develop a cough. Truly, it is an interesting place. It’s got flavour for sure. I think next time I will make my way to the southern half of the strip and hit up the Mob Museum.

If you’ve never visited or ever thought about taking a trip to Sin City, why not. Just do it.

Moon’s Top 10 Traveling Tips


I travel be it by car, plane, or a boat (someday). I’ve picked up on some things and found out what succeeds and fails, overall I’ve been researching and experimenting with these travel tricks and listed what I believe are the most useful. And I will deliver them in the bluntest way possible.


1. Research the Weather, a week before your trip because no one wants to forget their jacket when it’s cold or be stuck in long sleeves on a hot day. Not to mention the sudden need for an umbrella! Knowing the weather beforehand gives you a chance to plan and pack the correct daily wearables.

2. The Cost of Extra Baggage, if you are going on a trip with ever intention to shop or bring back souvenirs for yourself or friends and family, consider knowing how heavy your bag can be and what the cost of an extra bag is before you are trapped with too many things and no way of getting it home. Most airlines will charge an initial bag cost and then another cost of another bag. The cost of another bag is usually cheaper than paying the overage cost of an overweight bag (IE: Air Canada costs $50 for another bag versus $100 for an overweight bag).


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